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Practical Video Production for eLearning: Do It Right! by Stephen Haskin
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You’re probably making video for your eLearning, but are you making the best use of video? Here are [Read More...]

Book Review: Visual Design Solutions, by Connie Malamed by Bill Brandon
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Connie Malamed has authored a new companion to her earlier book, Visual Language for Designers. This [Read More...]

EMEA Reporter: On the INHOPE Network, eLearning Helps in Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse by Nic Laycock
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The Internet has its good side, but unfortunately it also has its evil side: the victimization of [Read More...]

Adobe Integrates eLearning Brothers Templates into Captivate 9 by News Editor
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This integration gives Captivate 9 developers instant access to over 25,000 templates directly within [Read More...]

Five Considerations When Designing Engaging eLearning Courses by Kyle Chambers
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“Engagement” is a word that gets thrown around a lot in articles about learning. But what is it, [Read More...]

New Content Links from The eLearning Guild (August 18, 2015) by Bill Brandon
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New links to great content from The eLearning Guild, including a live event (requires registration). [Read More...]

eLearning Authoring: Taking the Next Step with xAPI by Craig Wiggins, Peter Berking, Andy Johnson and Steve Foreman
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Authoring tools make it possible to create eLearning products, even by designers with no programming [Read More...]

New Content Links from The eLearning Guild (August 13, 2015) by Bill Brandon
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New links to some of the latest content offered through The eLearning Guild. This week: curated [Read More...]

eLearning Guild Research: 2015 Salary & Compensation Report—Readers' Survey Results by Sharon Vipond
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For nearly a decade, The eLearning Guild’s Global eLearning Salary & Compensation Report has been the [Read More...]

Amplifying the Experience API: xAPI Camp at DevLearn 2015 by Michael Hruska and Nikolaus Hruska
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The xAPI allows interpretation of meaning of the total data created by the learning ecology and [Read More...]

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